Engine Parts, Support Equipment and Material Suppliers


Engine manufacturers

  • JetArtes
    The KJ66 and Eagle range of Complete engines.
    All orders for full turbines only.


    Jet Munt UK agent:
    Rob Robotham is the UK agent for Jet Munt. Also supplies Fadec ECU's
    Phone: 01772 617367 Mobile: 07759871631 Contact Rob at robrow@btinternet.com

  • Behotec GmbH, Jetstream turbines, kits and accessories
    Behotec GmbH, manufacturers of turbines, turbine kits and aircraft accessories. These can be viewed at Behotecs new English web site --- www.behotec.com

  • Wren Turbines
    MW 54 Plans and parts and kits available.
    Makers of MW44, MW54, SuperSport, Wren 70, Wren 120 and Wren 160 engines as well as turboprops and turboshaft (helicopter) engines.



    Engine part suppliers

    • JetMax / Albisser Turbine wheel and NGV
      Dieter Albisser is now selling his turbine wheel direct from Switzerland. The wheel is 66 mm dia and is available in either cast condition or bored and finished to size. The wheel has a fine polished appearance.

      He is also selling the matching 66mm dia cast NGV. The NGV is also available in finished or cast condition. Please contact Dieter direct for price and details.

      Dieter Albisser
      Industriestrasse 21
      CH-5314 Kleindöttingen

      Tel: +41 56 245 66 74
      Fax: +41 56 245 66 75
      Mobile: +41 79 697 48 64

    • PT75 turbine wheel
      Cast in Inconel 713c ( with x ray and materials certificate ) is available from Bay Turbines . The price , including drilling and postage is £ 63.00. Please contact Mark Forman:
      fax 002711 3346930
      email: helka@iafrica.com
      Suite 530
      225 Main St.
      City and Suburban
      South Africa

      Turbine wheels suitable for KJ66 type turbines are also available @ the same price

    • Ken Jack parts for the JT68
      Turbine wheel to suit JT68 cast in Inconel 718 and age hardened A$150 + A$5 p&p.
      Contact Ken Jack, 46, Atkinsons Road, Elliott Heads, Queensland 4670 Australia. Tel 741596056

      NGV's cast in 310 stainless steel to suit JT68 A$80 = A$8-50 p&p.
      Contact Ron Haglan Unit 11, 163 Government Road, Labrador Queensland 4215 Australia Tel 755915643

    • Parts for the GT2000 and JT68
      Erwin Hirt in Australia can supply parts for the GT2000 and the JT68

    • Alan Blackmun of ABC Microturbines
      Alan Blackmun of ABC Microturbines is offering combustion chamber and other parts suitable for the KJ66 he can be contacted on info@abcmicroturbines.com or his web site www.abcmicroturbines.com

    • Smalley Wave Washers
      We have located a supplier of wave washers who is willing to supply in reasonable quantities:
      George Emmots Tel. No. 01535 643733 Min order £25.00 approx. £1.00 each Part No EPL012 Compressed to 1.2mm gives 40 Newton's preload according to their technical dept.

    • Festo Fittings
      For Festo fittings for small gas turbines contact Aaron at www.azznett.co.uk/ See updated site for other items such a fuel tank kit for plastic bottles.

    • ETH Enterprises P/L
      Lot 5, Kelleher Road
      Benalla, Vic. 3672

      Tel; 03 5763 3322
      Fax; 03 5763 3366
      Mobile; 0428 565 566


    Fuel Pumps

    • Behotec Fuel Pumps
      Behotec have made fuel pumps for some time now and can be ordered from them direct.
      Behotec GmbH manufacture two fuel pumps --P7 and P8.
      Motor Speed 300Speed 400
      Operating voltage 0.30 to 6 volts0.7 to 6 volts
      Max current 5 amps7 amps
      Max pressure 8 bar (118 psi)8 bar (118 psi)
      Weight 92 grams130 grams
      Flow rate at 6 volts 650 ml/min1100 ml/min

      Behotec GmbH
      Sonnenstraße 1
      85232 Bergkirchen
      Telefon :08131/80400
      Fax : 08131/80405

    • Flight Works Fuel pumps
      Nadim Eid
      Flight Works, Inc.
      California, USA
      Tel/Fax: (949)855-4281

    • Fuel Pumps from Peter Hausl
      Fuel Injection Pump ZRP 30020 A special injection pump for model jet engines. Gear pump complete made of metal. Powered by electric motor Speed 300/6V which offers the pump a very small and light design. Efficient, because of a very precise production.

      MTH - Model technology Haeusl
      Brigitte Haeusl
      Weyerngasse 41
      8720 Apple Mountain
      Austria UID NR. ATU479420008

      Tel. + 43 3512 71742
      Fax + 43 3512 44339



    • Principle Engineering Ltd
      GRW bearing suppliers.
      Contact: Mr David Pillar

      Principle Engineering Ltd
      Tan Llan Farm
      CH7 4LQ

      Tel: +44 (0) 845 539 0068
      Mobile +44 (0) 7525 670605
      Fax: +44 (0) 845 539 0068

    • GRW Germany
      GRW Gebr. Reinfurt GmbH & Co . KG
      Gneisenaustr 10/11, 97013 Wuerzburg, Germany
      0049 / 931 / 7952 - 300
      Ceramic Ballraces ISO 608 70 DM

    • Ceramic bearings in UK
      Gary Whitcombe has a supply of cageless full complement SKF 608 ceramic bearings for KJ66 and other sizes to order, the 608 is available at £28.00 + £1.50p pp

    • BOCA Bearing Company
      BOCA have a large selection of bearings for all types of hobby applications both ceramic and steel. They maintain a large online store via their website.

      BOCA Bearing Company
      755 NW 17th Ave. #107
      Delray Beach, FL 33445 U.S.A.

      Toll free phone: (800) 332-3256
      Toll free fax: (800) 409-9191
      Local phone: (561) 998-0004
      Local fax: (561) 998-0119


    ECU manufacturers

    • Fadec range of advanced ECU's
      Gaspar Espiell has developed a range of highly user programmable ECU's to cover all turbine applications. The latest versions are very compact making them ideal for installation in the smaller airframes.

      For full details and online shop: www.xicoy.com


    Compressor wheel sources

    • AET Engineering
      Normanton Industrial Estate , Wakefield, West Yorkshire,
      01924 894171
      KKK compressors5326 123 2018 and 2019

    • Howard Denyer
      8 St Johns Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 3 LG
      01342 311599
      Romanian His 6780

    • Dura Products Co
      2 Bradford Place, Bradley IL 60915-1260 USA
      815 939 1399
      KKK compressor wheels at $77.42

    • Eisele-EDV & Turbinenbau
      Compressor wheels

    • Help Today
      Used TC wheels

      Helptoday Limited
      8 Farrier Road
      Doddington Road
      LN6 3RU
      Tel: +44 (0)1522 501001
      Fax: +44 (0)1522 500099


    Jet airframe plans and kits


    Fuel tanks, clunks and retracts


    Alloy stockists

    • Shimfoil Ltd
      21 New Summer Street Birmingham B19 3QN
      0121 333 3420
      Stainless steel shim stock from .075mm to .6mm thick
      Stainless Tube & needle Co Ltd
      Appllo, Litchfield road Industrial Estate, Tamworth, Staffordshire
      01827 51162

    • Cooper Needle works
      Syringe needles and stainless steel tube
      261 265 Aston Lane , Birmingham, West Midlands, B20 3SX
      0121 356 4719

    • Macreadys
      Stainless steel tubing 5mm x .25 wall £15.28 for 2 metres collected
      Windors House, Queens Gate Britannia Road, Waltham Cross, Herts,EN8 7NX
      01992 651004

    • MK Metals
      Super Freecutting Stainless steel
      Unit A2 Ridge Hill Farm, Little Horwood Road, Nash, Milton Keynes , MK17 OE

    • ENPAR Ltd
      Stainless steel tubing for FD3 vaporiser coil (£117.5 for 6 metres)
      Greaseborough St, Rotherham, S60 1RG
      01709 827915

    • Phillip Cornes & Co Ltd
      Inconel 718 and other nickel alloys min order £100
      Claybrook Drive, Washford, Redditch, Worcestershire B98 ODT
      01527 510555

    • AALCO Alloys Norwich Ltd
      Stainless and Inconel 625 etc all non hardening
      Roundtree Way, Norwich
      01603 414611

    • Nickel Alloys Tube Sales
      Stainless steel tubing for vaporisers
      Majestic Road, Nursing Estate, Southampton Hampshire SO1 9YX
      01703 739601

      Supply over 60 alloys in strip, foil and wire. Including Inconel 600, 625, 718, X-750 Rene 41, Hastelloy, Elgiloy, L605, Haynes 188. Pratt Whitney LCS approved and G.E. Approved source NADCAP, ISO 9002
      Ask for Dr. Terry Bartel Phd.

      ELGIN, ILLINOIS.60123
      USA. 847.695.1900