Constitution of the Gas Turbine Builders Association

Revision 7, June 14th 2007

  1. Title The title of the organisation shall be the Gas Turbine Builders Association.

  2. Aim The aim of the Association is to promote interest and assist members in the safe design, construction and operation of home-built gas turbines via member-to-member contact and through the 'members only' on-line forum of the GTBA web site. Access to the Forum will be the 'primary benefit' of membership. Regular issue of the GTBA Newsletter to be discontinued as from the end of the membership year 2005-06. However, the GTBA reserves the right to issue Newsletters as and when felt beneficial or appropriate.
    The Association will produce, and maintain current in the light of any relevant developments, a Safety Code of Practice for the Construction, Installation and Operation of Small Gas Turbines.

  3. Membership Membership shall be open to all interested parties in any country. All members will have equal voting rights. Members resident in the United Kingdom who operate gas turbines in model aircraft or who are Officers of the GTBA must hold current membership of the British Model Flying Association or the Scottish Aeromodellers Association.

  4. Officers The officers of the Association shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Secretary, Public Relations Officer, Membership Secretary, Safety Officer, Webmaster, Newsletter Editor and Technical Advisor all of whom shall be paid up members of the Association. They shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The elected period shall be 2 years. 5 officers shall retire each year for re-election or otherwise.
    1. Chairman The Chairman shall preside at all general and committee meetings. In his absence at committee meetings, a chairman shall be chosen from those present to serve for that meeting only. The Chairman shall only have a casting vote.
    2. Secretary The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping accurate and proper records of all meetings and proceedings of the Association and shall also attend to general correspondence and communications.
    3. Treasurer The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping accounts of the Association in the correct manner and shall present a financial statement at each Annual General Meeting. This statement shall be independently audited by two members who are not members of the committee. A statement of accounts must also be supplied when requested by a Special General Meeting. The Association shall have a bank account and cheques drawn shall be signed by the Treasurer. Decisions authorising any expenditure of Association funds shall only be made by the committee or Annual or Special General Meeting.
    4. Events Secretary The Events Secretary shall be responsible for setting up and/or organising any event deemed to be of mutual interest to members of the Association. Such events will include, for example, flying meetings, competitions, seminars and local or national exhibitions. The Events Secretary, in the course of his duties, will liaise with the Chairman and Public Relations Officer.
    5. Public Relations Officer The Public Relations officer shall be responsible for the planning, development and implementation of information and communication strategies that promote the benefits and purpose of the association to the members, affiliated organisations and the public.
    6. Membership Secretary The Membership Secretary shall be responsible for processing all membership applications and renewals and maintaining a current membership database.
    7. Safety Officer The Safety Officer shall:
      1. Maintain the current version of the safety code and update it where necessary, subject to the approval of the committee and the membership.
      2. Provide advice on safety matters within the association, in conjunction with other suitably qualified members.
      3. Gather information from within the association and the wider public domain in order to increase the association’s knowledge base on safety matters.
      4. Represent the Association on safety matters within the BMFA and in the public domain.
    8. Webmaster The Webmaster shall manage and maintain the Association’s Web-site in accordance with the requirements described in the Webmaster’s Job Description.
    9. Newsletter Editor 4.9)The Newsletter Editor shall publish the association’s newsletter in accordance with the Newsletter Editor’s Job Description.
    10. Technical Advisor 4.9)The Technical Advisor shall monitor the technical content of the Forum and any published documents to oversee, advise or intervene on issues where technical content may be misleading or the need for technical advice becomes apparent or necessary.
    11. Vacancies The committee shall have the full power to fill any vacancies in the offices of the Association occurring between General Meetings.

  5. Committee The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by a committee consisting of 10 officers. The said officers shall be elected at The Annual General Meeting. The elected period shall be for 2 years and, to maintain continuity, 5 officers will be re-elected each year.

    The officers of the Association have the power to co-opt onto the committee up to three additional committee members. Meetings of the committee shall be convened at regular quarterly intervals to enable the business of the Association to be transacted. Any two committee members may request the Secretary to call a committee meeting and at least fourteen days notice shall be given to members. A quorum for committee meetings shall be five and shall include at least four officers of the Association.

    Travel expenses incurred by committee members in attending committee and general meetings will be reimbursed at a rate equal to that paid by the British Model Flying Association to its elected officers.

    The committee shall be empowered to act in all matters concerning the conduct of the Association's affairs not covered in this constitution. The committee is empowered to authorise the purchase and distribution at cost, or as near cost as possible, and where appropriate, of various materials, components etc., as may be required by the members.

    The committee reserve the right to eject any member/s from the Association, found contravening the conditions of membership - agreed to when joining the Association. If a member has been ejected as a result of contravening the conditions of membership as set out above, that member shall be deemed to have forfeit any remaining membership subscription in hand.

    The committee reserves the right to use appropriate means to pursue the loss of income resulting directly or indirectly from any unauthorised disclosure of GTBA copyright material.

  6. Subscriptions Subscriptions shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting held each year. They may also be reviewed at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose.

    Membership application and renewal will only be accepted on-line via the GTBA web site, using PayPal as the means of collecting funds. Membership will be for 12 months from the date payment is received by the GTBA. Subscriptions shall become due for renewal annually on the anniversary of each member's initial membership application or previous renewal payment.

    Members without personal access to the Internet may be 'adopted' by an Internet member to help them through the transition. - strictly to be the responsibility of the respective member.

  7. General Meetings
    1. Annual General Meetings The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year, normally during the month of March. The interval between Annual General Meetings shall not exceed thirteen months. At least fourteen days notice shall be given to members.
    2. Special General Meetings A Special General Meeting may be called at any time by the committee and must also be called by the Secretary if requested to do so by not less than twenty-five percent of the membership. At least twenty one days notice shall be given to members stating the business for which the meeting is being called. A quorum for Special General Meetings shall be forty percent of the membership.
    3. Voting All fully paid up members shall have one vote at Annual and Special General Meetings, except the Chairman, who shall only have the casting vote.

  8. Affiliation The Association may become affiliated to respective model organisations with aims and interests compatible with the interest of the Association. Control of the Association's affairs must remain in the Association's committee and general membership.

  9. Amendments Amendments, or additions, to this constitution shall only be made by an affirmative vote from the majority of the voting members of the Association at the Annual General Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose.